Compression Stocking Applicator




  • Quick and Easy Application
  • Quick and Easy Removal
  • Easily Rolls Over Bandages
  • Helps Stockings...



  • Quick and Easy Application
  • Quick and Easy Removal
  • Easily Rolls Over Bandages
  • Helps Stockings Last Longer



The Compression Stocking Applicator helps don and doff compression hosiery.  If you wear support stockings or if you are a care-giver who assists with the application and removal of compression socks the value of the Compression Stocking Applicator will be evident.  

Instead of pulling compression hosiery up a leg, now compression stockings can be easily and gently pushed into a comfortable and effective position.  This application device also helps remove stockings so they are not torn or over-stretched.  This helps compression stockings last longer.  

This compression sock applicator conforms to the stocking and reduces the effort spent in applying compression garments.  It's easy to use and simple to learn.  

Click the links below to watch videos of how the Compression Stocking Applicator works for different types of hosiery.

The Compression Stocking Applicator works better using a "Donning Pole" or a "Donning Cone".  The Donning Cone helps "load" or roll the stocking onto the support hosiery applicator.  The base of the Donning Cone attaches to any clean flat surface using a suction cup.  Be aware that the suction cup may leave behind a ring when used on a stained or finished surface - so don't use it on antique furniture.  The Donning Pole works the same as the Cone but its base has foot holds as well as a suction cup.
If a donning cone or pole is unavailable the Compression Stocking Applicator can still be easily used.  Just use your arm!  Click the link below to watch the video.
The Compression Stocking Applicator is practical and easy to use.  Try it for ten days, if you are not satisifed return it for a refund.  
Watch all the instructional videos for the Compression Stocking Applicator.


The Compression Stocking Applicator will help anyone who regularly wears medical grade hosiery. Patients and care-givers with poor finger dexterity or finger strength will experience an immediate benefit.


The Compression Stocking Applicator will work with most stockings and on most leg

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