Patellar Knee Band

A knee band or knee strap is used to treat runner's knee, jumper's knee, and patella tendonitis.  A knee brace like this does a specific job, keep pressure on the patella tendon.  Knee straps are most effective when they are applied before the knee pain begins - they prevent swelling.

Premier Knee Band

From $18.75


  • Sized Strap
  • Moldable Insert
  • Optional Magnetic Insert
  • Comfortable and Effective
  • Select Options

Sized Knee Band



  • Sized Strap
  • Low Profile
  • Loop and Lock Design
  • Comfortable and Effective

Universal Knee Strap



  • Universal Knee Strap
  • Reduces Inventory
  • Easy to Adjust
  • Trimmable Strap
  • Does Not...

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