Knee Brace for Osteoarthritis

Knee braces for osteoarthritis apply pressure to the knee to open or "unload" the joint space.  This unloading provides pain relief.  Knee braces for osteoarthritis work best for patients who experience pain on one side of their knee or the other.

Neoprene Under Sleeve

From $19.99


  • For use with Arthritis Knee Braces
  • For use with Functional Knee Braces
  • 1/16" thick
  • Nylo...

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New Option OA Brace

From $159.95


  • Off-loading Knee Brace
  • L 1845
  • Easy Application
  • Can Be Worn Beneath Clothing
  • Lo...

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Stride OA



  • OA Knee Brace
  • Easy to Stock
  • Easy to Wear
  • Easy to Fit
  • One Hinge
  • Comfor...

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