Finger Splint

There are a variety of finger splints available.  Boxer fracture braces, mallet splints, and finger extension braces are commonly used instead of hard plaster casts.  Finger braces should be removeable so they can be washed and dried.

Frog Finger Splint



  • Aluminum and Foam
  • Finger Splint
  • 12 Per Package
  • Bendable
  • No Tape Needed

Stack Finger Splint Kit



  • 30 Assorted Sizes
  • Clear or Flesh Colored
  • Can See Fingernail and Skin Color

TKO Boxer Fracture Splint

From $38.18


  • Boxer's Fracture Splint
  • Ulna Gutter
  • Radial Gutter
  • 3rd and 4th Buddy Splint
  • Dup...

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